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Meru Coffee Farms

Direct trade single origin small batch coffee from Tanzania

We procure and distribute superior Arabica and select Peaberry coffees from the volcanic rich terroir soils of Mount Meru, Tanzania. The best way to experience our coffee is to Taste it! 

We are a small batch coffee producer and broker, distributing only the finest in direct trade export quality coffee from Meru, Tanzania.  Our supply is limited, once it runs out its gone until next year. 

While our story is best shared over a cup of our coffee, the short and long of it is that I have lived, travelled and worked in Tanzania since 1992.  During my first visit there as a student I had the opportunity and privilege of living with a Tanzanian family who's family and family before them had been growing coffee, fruits and vegetables along the volcanic rich and fertile slopes of Mt. Meru ever since they could remember.  During my stay with them, I did a research project studying community relations and sustainable development along the village areas of Mt. Meru.  Wherein I spent my days, walking up and down throughout, meeting with, interviewing and experiencing the natural environs and generous spirit of the Tanzanian people that I encountered.

Ending a hiatus of travels to Tanzania, while always staying in touch with my Tanzanian family and friends, I returned to Tanzania in September of 2010 to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with a few friends as a 40th Birthday adventure.  After a successful and amazing climb up Kilimanjaro, I then returned to Arusha to meet up with my Tanzanian family who I had not seen in at least 10 years.  Sitting and talking in the garden of the family Boma compound, I gazed up to see the silhouette of Mt. Meru fade into the dusk.  Grabbing the cup of coffee that I had been given earlier I asked my Tanzanian father, "Mzee, this is good coffee. Is this from here?"  With a smile Baba said, "Bwana, Ndio! This is Meru coffee!" We sat in silence for a few minutes and I then asked, "Baba, I have friends in Chicago that would also like to try Meru coffee.  Can we get more of this coffee? I mean, alot alot alot of coffee?"  Looking at him, and he looking at me, just as we had almost 20 years beforehand, a smile came across Baba's face, he jumped from his chair and proclaimed, "I'm telling you! We shall get our Meru coffee to America!"  And so it began.

Our pledge is to procure and distribute great coffee in an environmentally sound and socially responsible way.

Since then we founded Meru Coffee Farms, a direct trade partner with the Mt. Meru Specialty Coffee Growers Association of which Baba is now also a member.  Together with Hendry Mworia we have been working diligently to bring to you some of the best coffee straight from the over 2,000 participating farm families along the slopes of Mt. Meru, Tanzania.  

The best way to experience our coffee is to Taste it!

Karibuni Kahawa~