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Nectar of Life Coffee

Nectar of Life Coffee Company is a gourmet coffee roaster located in the beautiful Inland Northwest of the United States. We are located just outside Coeur d'Alene, Idaho just miles from Spokane, Washington.
Nectar of Life Coffee Has the Following Certifications:
  • FDA Registered and Inspected
We only roast shade grown, certified organic Fair Trade coffees. We believe in preserving the environment and social justice. We use energy efficient roasters and have a local box reuse program. We have all our wholesale clients hold our boxes to be returned upon the following week's delivery. This way we can reuse a box until it is no longer structurally feasible. At that time the box is recycled. This practice is MUCH more environmentally responsible than recycling alone.

Martin and Hannah Jennings founded nectar of Life Coffee Company in January 2003. Their quest was (and is) first, to roast only the finest gourmet Arabica coffees, and second, to roast only coffees that are certified both organic and Fair Trade. It is Nectar of Life's belief that the best way to make Fair Trade certified coffees a staple, instead of a novelty, is to provide the public with organic Fair Trade coffees that rival the world's finest gourmet coffees and to offer these coffees at a reasonable price. Since its foundation, Nectar of Life Coffee Co. has grown to symbolize the pinnacle of gourmet organic coffee and has firmly stood on its guiding principles of ecological and social responsibility.

Nectar of Life Coffee Company only roasts certified organic Fair Trade shade grown (when possible) gourmet coffees. We never use robusta coffees and only source the finest Arabica varieties. Nectar of Life is a USDA certified organic coffee roaster and a Fair Trade certified coffee roaster. In addition to our commitment to organic and Fair Trade standards Nectar of Life is also a certified kosher coffee roaster.

At this time Nectar of Life Coffee Company is primarily a wholesale organic coffee roaster. Our only retail outlet is through the internet. We feel it is more important to focus on producing stellar coffees than be distracted with operating a café.

Nectar of Life Coffee Company supports the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Fair Trade Program.

About the Roaster

Master roaster Martin Jennings sampling coffee

Co-Founder and Master Roaster, Martin F. Jennings III, graduated with High Honors from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Viticulture and Enology. Martin went on to make fine wines in both California and Washington State. His love of coffee and organic products brought him to a point where he knew that there must be a way to roast organic coffees to have the same full-bodied flavors as the world's finest non-organic gourmet coffees. With his experience in chemistry, and sensory (flavor) science Martin left the wine industry to pursue roasting the finest organic coffees of the world. The result is the Nectar of Life®.

Gourmet Organic Fair Trade coffee in roaster cooling bin

About the Coffees

Nectar of life Coffee Co. sources the highest quality gourmet Arabica coffees from around the world. Current blends contain coffees from the following countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, East Timor, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Sumatra and more. Each coffee is chosen based on meticulous sampling. Unlike other coffee companies, Nectar of Life roasts each coffee separately to its own unique flavor profile prior to blending. This method is much more laborious than roasting a blend in one batch, but the result is more than worth the effort. Each blend is heat sealed in de-gassing valve equipped bags within hours of roasting, ensuring a coffee that will taste fresh roasted for up to one year after roasting.

Contact us if you have questions about this coffee or to request a sample.